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Accessories Type:Tool KitsMade In:ChinaThese precision tweezers are a handy tool for advanced vapers using rebuildable atomisers. The ceramic tips mean that they can be used to re-shape coils even if they're still hot, which is perfect for removing hot spots and making sure they fire evenly.Features..
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Accessories Type:E-liquid BottlesThe Chubby Gorilla V3 bottle has been specifically designed for shortfill lovers and DIY enthusiasts alike. This transparent bottle, available in a 60ml or 120ml format, is designed by renowned brand Chubby Gorilla; features a childproof lock mechanism and built from..
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Accessories Type:Tool KitsMade In:ChinaCoil Master Ceramic Tipped Angled Tweezers are an essential tool for using rebuildable coils safely and setting up a rebuildable atomiser.Features:Stainless Steel TweezersRebuildable Coil ToolReplaceable Ceramic TipsCrafted from quality Stainless Steel these tw..
Ex Tax:$4.99
Accessories Type:Tool KitsMade In:ChinaCoil Master Angled Ceramic Tipped Tweezers are a helpful tool for use with rebuildable atomisers and rebuildable coils. Features:Stainless Steel Angled TweezersReplaceable Ceramic TipsRebuildable Coil ToolThe curvature of these tweezers makes them very good at ..
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Accessories Type:Tool KitsMade In:ChinaHeight::5.4cm (2.1")Width::13cm (5.0")Depth::3.6cm (1.4")The Coilmaster DIY coiling kit V4 is a precision tool for building coils from scratch. Each kit contains a dedicated coil jig with terminal holes to fit a range of wire gauges, including larger wires, lik..
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Accessories Type:CasesMade In:ChinaThe Coil Master K Bag is the ideal solution for safely transporting your vape kits, e-liquid and atomisers. Well protected and featuring a discreet design, it won't look out of place wherever you take it. Featuring a padded hardshell exterior and a secure zip faste..
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Accessories Type:CasesMade In:ChinaThe Coil Master Mini K Bag is the solution for carrying your everyday vaping products. Small and organised, it helps keep your kits and e-liquid safe and will fit into rucksacks and bags with ease. Featuring a discreet design and solid construction it won't look ou..
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Accessories Type:Tool KitsMade In:ChinaThe Coilmaster 521 Mini V2 is an Ohmmeter designed as a fundamental tool for building your own coils for use in rebuildable atomisers. Featuring a 510 threaded, spring-loaded pin, this Ohms reader is compatible with a range of tanks and rebuildable atomisers.Po..
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Accessories Type:Tool KitsMade In:ChinaHeight::20cm (7.9")Depth::2.0cm (0.8")Diameter::20cm (7.9")The Coilmaster V3 DIY coil kit is a compact, portable tool kit packed with the equipment you'll need to make DIY vape coils for your Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (RDA), Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomi..
Ex Tax:$39.99
Accessories Type:CasesMade In:ChinaWidth::18cm (7.1")Depth::6.0cm (2.4")Length::28cm (11.0")The Coil Master V Bag is made for vapers on the go, giving you plenty of space for Vape Mods, Coils, Vape Batteries, Eliquid; it can fit in a suprising amount with its fitted stretchy fabric bands.Measuring i..
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Accessories Type:Tool KitsMade In:ChinaWeight::7gHeight::9.8cm (3.9")Diameter::0.7cm (0.3")The Coil Master Vape Brush is more than just a cleaning tool. The Stainless Steel brush head is ideal for removing build up and dirt from your coils - extending their lifespan. This brush is also strong enough..
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Accessories Type:Tool KitsMade In:ChinaWeight::515Height::7.0cm (2.8")Width::12cm (4.7")Length::19cm (7.5")The Diamond Mist DIY Coil Suitcase Kit offers everything needed for the DIY coil builder to get the job done. This All in one kit features what you will need to build coils and check that they ..
Ex Tax:$34.99
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